Gay massage in Spain

Introduction to gay Tantra

Gay Tantra massage is the bodywork specifically developed for male to male interaction. I am frequently asked to explain what it is all about. Her it goes!

Introduction to gay Tantra

Tantra massage is universal. It is an amazing experience for all human beings. Sensuality is a relevant part for most of the people. No matter if male, female or transgender. No matter what age. No matter what culture, religion, geographic location or income.

Tantra massage is about an intimate way to share time and sensuality. Skin to skin communication is the context.

Tantra massage is known for its spiritual approach to our sensual and sexual dimension. No rush, no violence, no stress nor anxiety.

Control is another keyword for Tantra. If you agree with your significant half to enjoy a Tantra session you need to share the goal of control.

Tantra and ambience

Set up a nice room. Have in mind you are going to share a long session.

  • Use candles
  • Burn sandal
  • Dim the lights
  • Play some soft and relaxing music
  • Lock the door

What is going to happen

It is almost sure you will end up making love. But don’t start with this idea in mind. Take is as a present, not as a request.

  • Sit facing each other
  • Value this present moment
  • Look inside your partners eyes
  • Breathe together
  • Control and limit your breathing
  • Find consciousness

Next steps

You will need from 5 to 15 minutes to calm down and start to die into this present moment. Don’t move. You are free and welcomed to smile, but try not laugh. Laughing  could break the moment and turn it into something superficial.

  • Touch each other starting by the face
  • Touch his ears
  • Touch his head and his hair
  • Touch his chest
  • Use your fingertips
  • See the areas of his body you are touching
  • Be conscious

Sexual excitement

If you feel attracted to him you desire him. You desire his body and his soul. Because this is not just a superficial moment. Maybe this is not a fuck-buddies experiment. But it is legitimate if it is, absolutely!

Sexual excitement is absolutely natural. Everybody has his own pace. Some men get hard sooner than others. Respect your pace and his.

  • Caress the inner side of his legs
  • Caress his balls
  • Touch his penis softly
  • Avoid masturbation at this point
  • Change your positions according to what you both feel
  • Move slowly
  • Move in a way he can adapt to your next position
  • Explore positions
  • Rub the body parts you feel most excited to his counterparts
  • Chest on chest
  • Face to face
  • Dick on dick
  • Make it last

Pace is relevant to achieve the longest enjoyment.

We will come back and follow this point in a next post. Stay tuned!

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See you in Barcelona!