Gay massage in Spain
Hypnotic Tantra massage

Hypnotic Tantra massage

Hypnotic Tantra massage: what is so special and unique about your next gay massage in Barcelona? Discover the new dimension to your hottest gay fantasies today!

Hypnotic effect massage

“Your massage has had an hypnotic effect on me. I never felt this before. If I knew it before I’d be scared. And I have felt extremely safe in your arms. This has been a unique moment in my life”.

Hypnotic Tantra massage

I have to confess here that I never know what kind of effect the massage is going to have on you before starting the session —and not to mention before ever knowing you. There are many facts having an influence on the massage session. The most relevant is your attitude and your expectations. But also your fears and your personal limits.

With me you always will be safe. I respect any kind of limits and personal preferences. I have never seen an uncomfortable man under my hands and in my arms. Honestly: I can sense how you feel and the path you’d most likely wish to follow to enjoy my massage all the way.

“Yours is the true hypnotic Tantra massage. Something I failed to get from many a masseur I’ve tried in the last years”.

This young man did not request any sort of hypnotic Tantra massage. It just developed this way. I could sense his very personal energy and tried to adapt to it.

What is hypnotic Tantra massage

It is a sensual and very spiritual Tantra massage. I perform it in a different way than other extremely erotic or carnal massage styles.

My range of erotic gay massages go from very spiritual to excessively sexual and daring. Ruling are your preference, your mood, your limits and requests.

Hypnotic Tantra massage is in the category of spiritual massages. It is a massage releasing for your mind but also stimulating your sexual energies. I am capable of achieving a very uncommon high level of sexual excitement.

Spirituality and sexiness is something unique to Tantra massages. Trust my expertise and discover this new dimension to sexual fantasies. This is not a frequent treat!

And now you are in Barcelona you are really close to enjoy it!

Call me and let’s set up your best gay hypnotic Tantra massage! Paco: +34 676 648 226

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