Gay massage in Spain
Gay Tours Barcelona

Gay Tours Barcelona

Gay Tours Barcelona are a very requested service. Especially for first time visitors to Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of the most popular gay destinations in the world. Along with Sitges, the small fishermen village.

Because high tolerance to gay people in Catalonia is among the highest in the world. Gay men can show their feelings in public in all touristic venues. And also on the not too touristic sites. You will never have a problem!

Now I’m a professional masseur. So many clients talk to me about these subjects after finishing our massage session.

Because a nice conversation between friends is the best starting point to get the best recommendations.

So my suggestions are humble but real.

Gay Tours Barcelona

Many guys contacted me back after hiring an agency though. Of course we compared the cost of traveling. The difference between what I told them and whet they have payed to the agency. Sometimes the difference is astonishing. Of course there is always a very professional service behind the agencies. They hire professional guides and they also need to charge for their services. Absolutely!

Sometimes though you can build your own trip individually. Or in couples, because many partnered gay men visit Barcelona. Then you will be saving hundreds of euros. Incidentally, worth a couple of excellent massages!

The city and the surroundings

Barcelona is absolutely much more than just the city. There are many locations that are worth a full day trip! It depends though on how much time you are staying in Barcelona.

Planning your Gay Tours Barcelona

I am very spontaneous when visiting a foreign city. Because many decisions depend on the weather and how long I have been sleeping. Though my partner prefers to know exactly when we are doing what.

Of course planning ahed you’ll be able to accomplish many more goals!

Old Town Tour

You will need about 4 hours. Walk the pedestrian streets of the Gothic Quarter, see the Cathedral, also both left and right sides of the Ramblas. This is the are with most of tourists concentrations. Also many shopping opportunities. Small shops, artisans, jewelries, fashion and boho-chic in the Born quarter.

Modernism and Gaudí

Visiting the most relevant masterworks of Gaudí will take about 4 hours. There are many buildings spread along Passeig de Gràcia and the Eixample quarter.

Many other architects like Puig i Cadafalch or Domènec i Muntaner are also worth the visit! Visiting the most relevant ones will need a full day though. Have a nice stop to have a wonderful lunch!

Excluding Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia, which needs some additional time.

Sagrada Familia Tour

It is a good suggestion to buy the tickets online ahead of time. This Catholic Temple is worth some time to visit it in detail. The area is over-crowded with tourists, so plan a full morning or afternoon for this venue.

My personal suggestion is concentrating on the Temple. The area has no interesting or quality services.

Montjuic Mountain Tour

The Sant Jordi stadium of Barcelona Olympics 1992, also the fortress with the amazing panoramic view over Barcelona. They say you can even see Mallorca across the sea —on a clear day. The amazing Botanic Gardens are seldom suggested but really worth a visit! Plan a 3-4 hours visit to these venues.

City Center Tour

You can also enjoy a non-theme walk. Just strolling and experiencing near by places like the Rambla, Plaça Catalunya and Passeig de Gràcia. During this walk you’ll see popular venues, architecture sites and designer brand shops. Take some four hours to enjoy it!

eBike Tour

There are several renting services. Bikes, electric bikes, motorcycles, small yellow cabrios. Also electric small cars like the Renault Twiggy. All of them very hand!

Barcelona has perfectly signed bicycles lanes. Extremely safe and leading you to the most relevant touristic sites!

Segways are also an option though the Mayor is limiting their use.

Gay Tours Barcelona: how far out the city?

Tibidado is the mountain overlooking Barcelona. Getting there is a 20 minutes trip. Though Girona is 100 kms away, so it takes a full hour of train to get there. Of course it all depends how these venues appeal to you and the time you can use.

Tibidabo Tour

The amusement park is not much worth the visit for adults. Though the views over the whole city are amazing! Many times when I have visit from abroad I start the tour here. So I can explain where the next visits are taking place. Because this views help a lot to understand the structure of the city.

Sitges Experience

Sitges is just 45 kms away. A train can take you there in about 20 minutes. And the railway station is literally inside the city. Sitges is very gay and very tolerant. Though its population is not hardly 30% gay! Sitges is especially interesting during the Summer. I got many information requests about the nudist beaches and the outdoors cruising areas. Sitges has many interesting museums as well, for those who prefer arts and good taste!

You can see the whole place in 5-6 hours including a nice lunch. Ideally I’d spend full 24 hours there though. Because walking the promenade at night feels very romantic.

Montserrat Tour

Montserrat is this weird mountain. Because it seems to pop out of nothing. They say it has a volcanic origin. If you like Meteora in Greece you will also like this much higher mountain. Its monastery on the top if one of Catalonia’s sacred sites. In fact many times the Barça teams goes there to offer thankfulness to the Black Madonna for their trophies.

Girona Experience

Girona has quite a lot to offer! So it is worth more than just one day visit. Though you can concentrate it in a 6 hours visit. The Jewish old city is just wonderful! Girona became very famous worldwide thanks to “The Game of Thrones”. Because these series is recording many locations you will easily recognise by walking around Sant Daniel’s Cathedral.

Costa Brava

If you decide visiting Girona, Costa Brava is so close you shouldn’t miss it! Personally I suggest connecting both trips, though Costa Brava is the most requested destination during the Summer.

Costa Brava has so many interesting sites as Blanes, Tossa de Mar, Palamós, Calella de Palafrugell…

Theme tours

The following are the most common gay tours Barcelona:

  • Gayxample Night Tour
  • Magic Fountain Tour
  • Tapas Tour
  • Wine Tour
  • Gastronomic tour

Lately I found out many guys have extremely specific requests though. Since I know many people in specific places I can always make some interesting suggestions.

Massage Gay Tours Barcelona

The last station after a long tour in Barcelona is usually a nice massage. Most of gay men prefer erotic massage. Though therapy massages are also very nicely welcome!

Some other men need the massage exactly after their long flight. That’s the best before going to sleep.

“It wasn’t like midnight to me. Because my system was like 6 hours earlier. They call it jet lag. After your massage I went to sleep with this big smile, absolutely relaxed and happy”.

So massage is the perfect finish for a very interesting day! I am available almost 24 hours. It is always best to make a reservation in advance though. Sometimes you can be lucky and I’m also available for a last minute massage.

Paco: +34676648226

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