Gay massage in Spain
Gay spanking Barcelona

Gay spanking Barcelona

I’m coming across many gay massage customers who are embarrassed to ask for gay spanking Barcelona. They want me to spank them. Everyone in a different way and playing a specific role. Go on reading!

Gay spanking Barcelona

Yes I do offer Gay spanking Barcelona. It can be a part of my erotic massage. This is what I call fetish massage and customised massage or personalised massage.

Any kind of erotic fantasies are something legitimate to me. From vanilla to kinky. You are welcomed to tell me as openly as you feel about your erotic fantasies and erotic fetish.

Massage and Gay spanking Barcelona

Since I find this extremely legitimate and I truly understand many of sexual fetishes I will be open to discuss it with you. Feel free to talk to me!

Teacher Gay spanking Barcelona

Every customer of fetish massage asks for a specific role-play. There are no two similar requests. Hues and personal preferences are extremely individual. This is the magic about it!

“I want you to be my teacher. Spank me and tell me I have been a very bad boy!”

This is a really sexually arousing gay spanking session. The one you can have with me as your Gay spanking Barcelona experience. Spanking can be a requested part of my erotic massage service. In-call spanking and out-call spanking.

Father Gay spanking Barcelona

Authority figures are oftentimes present when a customer is asking for some spanking. Father is another frequent role I’m playing. For young customers, middle aged men and even older men. No matter if you are straight, bisexual or gay. Or none at all!

“You feel really authentic and genuine. You don’t seem to be playing a role.”

Submissive Gay spanking Barcelona

My pictures are appealing mostly to submissive men who wish to be spanked. This is my preferred option.

“Please have the lead. I will obey everything you tell me to do”

This is what I do. I can lead you in a way that feels natural. My Gay spanking Barcelona sessions in the context of a massage feel authentic and flow nicely.

The goal is your pleasure.

Please call me to discuss your personal details. Paco: +34 676 648 226

Check my website and discover more about my gay massage service in Barcelona and Manhattan:

See you in Barcelona!