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+34 676 648 226 gay massage

First off, Gay massage in Spain has a name: Paco and his boys! We are a team of sexy masseurs of different ages and body types. You can also choose among different gay masseurs in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Ibiza.

+34 676 648 226 is our direct cell phone. So please feel free to use it to ask Paco about our gay massage service.

  • Barcelona: Paco, Matt, Leo, Demetrios and Tyson
  • Madrid: Dario, Sebastian, Adrian
  • Valencia: Javi
  • Ibiza: Isaac, Hector and Daniel

Please don’t block your caller number though. And please don’t use Skype calls.

Call us to…

  • Ask for specific information
  • Ask for availability
  • Make a reservation

So use it to make a quick and easy reservation. We can serve you right inside your hotel room and also at my professional and legal gay massage studio. We are indeed in the true city center of Barcelona. And we are always absolutely discrete!

Erotic gay massage in Barcelona

So check our masseurs team in Barcelona. All of them are amazing. Honestly! and

Who is Paco

Paco is this young daddy though. Tall, strong and hairy, a dream for “bear” lovers come true! Because Paco is extremely expert, he knows true Tantra and is able to build a really hot and intimate experience.

Who is Matt

Matt is a 25 years young smooth masseur though. Defined, slim and with the perfect smile. Be careful not to fall in love with him! Matt is sweet, caring and knows a bunch about erotic bodywork!

As you will see —and touch— Matt is extremely well endowed!


Who is Tyson

I can also recommend a black masseur in Barcelona called Tyson: Tyson is tall, smooth and very handsome!

Erotic gay massage in Madrid

This is our team of gay masseurs in Madrid.

So please contact Paco on +34676648226. He will take care of everything! In the blinking of an eye!

Massage prices

Finally, you wonder what our prices are? No surprises, no hidden extra costs! We don’t charge the taxi fares for outcall in the city center.

Check our prices! They are perfectly listed according to session time length and also to erotic intensity.

Naked massage

Prostate massage

Relaxing massage

Amazing massage experience

We are the guarantee for an amazing experience. Beyond therapy massage and right one inch before sex.

So be honest with us. Because you can talk openly if you are thinking of specific massage fetishes. We are open to special requests. As you bet, we have heard a whole lot stuff. So it is difficult to surprise us.

See you soon in Barcelona and in Madrid!

During the Summer we are also serving the best gay massage in Ibiza!