Gay massage in Spain
Gay massage discount

Gay massage discount

Falling short on budget? Find the most convenient gay massage discount here: lowest price AND best quality in Barcelona! In-call and out-call to your hotel!

Gay massage discount

You might be looking for a Gay massage discount. I want to be honest from the start so I have to tell you I am not offering discounts but better prices. This is different.

Discount and “better prices” are different concepts.

Because it’s quality what you want. No cutting on service, no cutting on massage session time, no cutting on anything nor any other restrictions.

You want the full thing. The best gay massage in Barcelona. And you will have it with me!

See my “express massage” prices. These are shorter and compressed erotic massage sessions with the full features of their equivalent full hour therapies.

Naked Massage

Prostate Massage

Relaxing Massage

Hidden side of Gay massage discounts

Whenever you are offered a discount on a gay massage you have to have in mind there could be a trick. What are the tricks?

Shorter massage times without letting you know.

Less erotic or less intense massage performance.

You can’t choose your masseur. And you will be served by someone you really don’t like. You’d be better off with another masseur. And you like to choose him by your own preferences.

Filthy places. You couldn’t call those places a massage studio.

And you wish to visit a nice massage studio. Clean, discrete, good smell, nice music and a shower. And conveniently located in Barcelona city center.

Gay massage discount in Barcelona

I can offer you some compressed an “low cost massage” sessions if you are running out on your budget and you still need to enjoy the best gay massage in Barcelona.

What I’m offering is not a lesser massage but the same high quality service in a shorter session time. The prices are proportional to the full length original massage sessions. And you can still choose the kind of erotic therapy you fancy: Relaxing massage, Prostate massage or naked massage.

Gay massage discount —no taxis charged!

These “express massage” sessions also allow you to enjoy them in your hotel room. This is what we call out-call massage or hotel massage service.

I never charge taxi expenses inside the city of Barcelona. You know are saving a lot of money. Other services will offer you a discount but then charge taxi expenses. I’m not doing this!

Call me If you have any questions! Paco: +34 676 648 226

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See you in Barcelona!