Gay massage in Spain
Gay hotel massage in Barcelona

Gay hotel massage in Barcelona

Gay hotel massage in Barcelona is one of the most requested gay services every Summer. Because during the summer gay life booms in the city. New tourists from all around the world are visiting this interesting city.

Gay hotel massage in Barcelona
Gay hotel massage in Barcelona

Enjoy the sexiest gay hotel massage in Barcelona. I am Paco the well built male masseur. I am very expert in erotic Tantra massages. Of course I will come very discretely to your hotel room.

Because I am always discreet, need it or not.

Gay hotel massage in Barcelona

My service is focused on your convenience and your well being though. So what I can do has a lot to do with pleasure. The goal is pleasing you in many ways.

Also saving your time for your enjoyment. So make the most out of your time staying in your hotel room. Since you can use all your time to answer e-mails or calls or have business meetings.

Save your money instead of spending it on taxis to travel Barcelona back and forth. While you save time and money I will be traveling Barcelona. To knock at your door exactly at the moment you want me to.

Punctual gay hotel massage in Barcelona

I am also a very disciplined professional masseur. I know what it means to schedule your private life and your business life. So let’s say you want me to be in your room let’s say at 4 PM. I will not have you waiting 30 minutes because I assume you have plans after the massage! Because respecting your agenda is this relevant to me. I’m also very serious about it.

Though don’t take me for too serious! Because I love fun, teasing and good mood!

24 hours gay hotel massage in Barcelona

I can serve you anytime 24 hours, from Monday to Sunday. This 24 hours massage service is for your convenience. You are welcome to schedule a gay massage at 3 AM. Just let me know before 11 PM so I can plan my night ahead.

Belive it or not, the hours after midnight are the most requested ones! So be safe and plan ahead!

No agency gay hotel massage in Barcelona

Agencies or hotels offering massages to their customers always get a percentage from what you pay. This means the masseur is getting about half the amount. So he will hardly focus on the quality of his bodywork. Let alone serving you decently, being nice and polite.

If you desire some true quality massage you should have in mind all this.

Common sense will tell you this as well. Because a guy working for half the money will not be able to deliver a really mindful massage.

Independent gay hotel massage

So I am a freelance masseur. In other words an independent male masseur in Barcelona. There is no extra cost to pay an agency, the hotel or a pimp. I can offer you better prices and the best service because it’s just me working for your advantage. You know the money you are paying is for the best quality service, not for just some middleman.

Some hotels in Barcelona have literally copied my service. Though you guessed it right: the benefits are for the hotel, not for the masseurs. So not for you either. Since you’ll be paying a guy who is not too happy to work for you.

The final decision is absolutely yours though! Because I do believe in personal freedom of choice.

Gay massage studio

Many men prefer visiting my gay massage studio though. For whatever reasons.

  • Your hotel is not the best place
  • You need some intimate ambience
  • The experience of being at a professional studio
  • Stopping by while walking the city
  • Because you have “family” traveling with you

In the studio you’ll forget about everything else. So many guys need to just forget about trouble to focus on this intimate moment of release.

Young gay masseurs

As you can tell by my pictures I am a daddy masseur. I just turned 40 years old so I am very expert in everything related to sensuality, sexuality and pleasure.

Though many guys prefer a young gay masseur. No problem! Please check them on this link. I chose them all personally so you know you are in good hands! Excellent hands, let me point out!

Fred, Matt and Demetrios are young though very expert!

Matt has his own website: And he can also offer you even more intimate services. If you know what I mean. Blink!

Taxis included

I also never charge additional money to pay my taxis. So no unexpected extra costs! Especially if this is your first time around in Barcelona, it is relevant you pay attention to the details.

If you need more information please call me personally. I’ll be very happy to answer and help you out with whatever you need: Paco: +34 676 648 226

Please visit my professional website, you’ll find out much more about me and my service:

Big sexy hug!
See you in Barcelona!