Gay happy ending massage

Gay happy ending

Gay happy ending is the new safer sex. Discover erotic gay massage in Barcelona.

You can choose the most convenient way for you to enjoy it: in-call gay massage in my studio or out-call gay massage right in your hotel room. Both ways hot and safe!

And save the taxi expenses when asking me to your room!

Gay happy ending

Happy ending is a certain style of erotic massage. Traditionally massages are not ended with a masturbation. This has been always seen like crossing the red lines of decency.

So gay happy ending is the gay version of happy ending massage.

More than just gay happy ending

My massage goes much further and is a much more elaborate bodywork than a plain masturbation. The world of Tantra techniques, oriental massage, loom-lomi massage and other grips is huge. And I have been selecting the most pleasing, sweet and exciting grips to build this amazing world of erotic gay massage.

“Your massage style is just more than erotic —and more than a hand-job. It is intense, sweet, extremely exciting sexually. And is it fulfilling in a very unique way. I never had a massage like this before!”

I am serving men, not just bodies. To me each and every man contacting me is like a new friend with a new world of unique assets, a personal story and a wonderful background.

Gay happy ending massage for unique men

I never ask for personal information though. You are welcomed exactly as you are. We can have a nice chat before and after the session.

Silent massage

Or you can be the silent kind.

Even being silent I can sense what is going on with this man that does not talk. I respect the silent men. Silence is seldom found in our lives and silence helps us to focus on pleasure. Eating silently or enjoying a nice wine needs mindfulness, concentration and creating this unique moment of joy.

“I felt I had to speak to you after the massage. I needed to understand what happened from your point of view.”

If you want much more than just a gay happy ending massage then contact me. We’ll go further and you’ll be happier, more satisfied and balanced inside and out. With some new fresh energy!

Paco: +34 676 648 226

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After having a long stroll your feet will be asking for a nice massage. Then think of me! has more detailed info about prices and massage styles.