Gay massage in Spain
gay cruising Barcelona

Gay cruising Barcelona

Gay cruising Barcelona for gay visitors. Both tourists and businessmen are sometimes asking me what how the gay cruising scene looks like in Barcelona.

Why Gay cruising Barcelona?

Well, there are many gay men who travel around the world. Business may be the main reason. Though also just for the pleasure of traveling itself. You can also travel to enjoy many other activities:

  • Gastronomy and Enology
  • Shopping
  • Sight-seeing
  • Photography
  • Museums and Culture
  • Visiting fetish sites —think of Game of Thrones locations

Some of my friends decided to separate these in two categories. First “superficial tourism” and then “deep tourism”. Honestly I don’t like these tags. Too judgemental! I believe in the personal uniqueness and in freedom.

I recently found out there is one more reason to travel. Especially to dangerous cities —there are lots of then these days, unfortunately: Gay cruising!

The pleasure of gay cruising

“I’m used to anonymous meetings in Manhattan’s lavatories. A public WC in Barcelona is so different! This is the real travel adventure to me!”

As you guess I’m constantly meeting many gay men because of my job. Sometimes after the massage session we have nice conversations. Listening is always interesting to me. So sometimes I’m amazed to learn about subjects I never thought of before.

Though cruising is not a new subject to me. But new is the fact of learning that some gay men “collect” cruising experiences around the cities in the world.

“Is cruising in Barcelona dangerous? Honestly I am adventurous, but I don’t want it to get seriously dangerous. You know what I mean”.

Gay cruising Barcelona sites

As in all major cities, railways stations, shopping malls and some parks are the spots. The question is which of them and also at what times of the day and night

You guess these tricks and trips are subject to unforeseen changes.

  • El Corte Inglés Plaça Catalunya —level 5.
  • La Illa Diagonal —level 1.
  • Les Glòries —level -1.
  • Diagonal Mar —level 2.
  • Renfe Railway station Estació de França —ground level.
  • Bus station Estació del Nord —both grounds.
  • Universitat Central Plaça Universitat —dowstairs.
  • Parc del Montjuïc —from the fountains up.
  • Parc de la Sagrada Família —around the lake.
  • Bogatell beach —behind the dunes.

Though please understand this post as a help. So not as a way to encourage you to use these places. Please go on reading and learn also about the risks.

Many of these places’ security staffs have become extremely paranoid. Estació de Sants for instance is completely re-building all public WC to avoid cruising at any price.

Other malls and stations have hired personal to intimidate cruisers. The reason is there have been amazing 10 plus person-orgies. Absolutely fearless guys have had a lot of fun but also hit the Police alarm buttons.

Gay cruising Barcelona dangers

Lately there is more and more surveillance everywhere. Private security staff and even the shopping mall information team —dressed as ushers— are patrolling the sites.

Homosexuality is not forbidden by law in Spain. Though public sex is. And the Police sees gay cruising as public sex. Especially because it also involves non adult or children using shopping malls lavatories.

During the night hours there is much less surveillance in the parks. Though they are doing random inspections.

I also heard about some guys using a fake approach to assault gay men. Not only your wallet, also smartphones and passports are treasured bounties for these guys.

Lastly, I wish you lots of sexy moments —though also be careful! Good luck in avoiding razzias!