Gay massage in Spain
Gay Celebrity massage

Gay Celebrity massage

I have always been absolutely discrete. My service is a safe gay celebrity massage. This means a bunch of things that are very relevant to gay celebrities, and surely annoying to any other men who like gossip.

I have always been absolutely discrete. My service is a safe gay celebrity massage. This means a bunch of things that are very relevant to gay celebrities, and surely annoying to any other men who like gossip.

Gay Celebrity massage

Celebrities have the legitimate right to enjoy erotic massages. The daily life of a celebrity must be irritating. Everywhere they are meeting people who think are the only ones recognising them and the only ones asking for an autograph.

Not me.

I understand very well the fact that a man needs to have a private bubble in time and space, where nothing else is interfering in the sensual enjoyment.

“Do you know who I am?”

“No”. And this is a lie. It is a white lie though, because my intention is respecting this guy’s intimacy and his right to enjoy far away from the usual and tricky politeness or over-nice flamboyant attitudes from fans.

Gay Celebrity massage in Barcelona

Many celebrities are visiting Barcelona. I am serving massages to hotels, luxury hotels, private apartments and at my own massage studio in the city center.

Sometimes when I open the door I think “I know this face”. Anyway, to me it is a nice man who is in need of an amazing massage. And this is exactly what I deliver.

“Google this name and you’ll know who you just served”.

Sometimes I know, sometimes I don’t. I don’t know everybody in show business, pop music or sports. I can understand many celebrities enjoy being flashed or recognised. Though most of them don’t enjoy this idea at all.

And this is something I respect all the way. And I do respect it not as an obligation but as something I identify with. I am against all those guys —and ladies— who expose their customers.

If you think it’s scandalous enjoying this service, why are you offering it? Double morals for escorts and erotic masseurs are frequent. I don’t agree with it at all!

Gay erotic massage is an intimate service, meant for privacy.

Gay Celebrity massage and TV shows

Have you ever seen me on a TV show? Never, and you ever will. I am focused on the long run. I want to go on with my professional calling which is erotic gay massage. TV shows and gossip are for a different profile of man.

“You are a honest man. Discrete and trustworthy”.

Gay Celebrity massage prices

My prices are universal. I make no differences for anybody. This would be unfair and discriminating. As I am stating in another post, men from around the world are using my services and there is never a comment about my prices.

I can just add here that some celebrities choose the cheapest massage and enjoy it all the way. Even knowing who they are I always respect their choice.

Many gay celebrities are used to enjoy massages almost on a daily basis. And they value my service as a very special one in the highest quality range.

If you have any questions please contact me! I will be glad to answer and of course very happy to serve you! Paco: +34 676 648 226

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I am serving all kinds of men. See you in Barcelona!