Gay massage in Spain
Gay beach massage

Gay beach massage

I wish I could offer you a gay beach massage right on the Sitges beaches. Or in Barcelona at the gay beaches.

But I can offer you the best gay massage in Barcelona and Sitges in your hotel room! Or in my massage studio right in Barcelona city center!

Just call and ask for my availability. Paco: +34 676 648 226

Matt is also available for in-call massage and out-call massage to hotels.

Beach massage

You will find many masseurs offering feet massage or massage on your shoulders or back. Right on the sand.

Chinese ladies take as much as they can. They start asking for 30 € and end up accepting just 10 € if you are smart enough and take your time to deal with them.

You should know their massage is a 10 minute gig. The true cost is about 180 € the hour. You are getting a microscopic amount of the hourly fee.

My best and hottest sex massage is just 200 € the full hour. You will be getting much more for this hourly price than from a beach masseuse. Chinese masseuses on the beach might not make your day in sexiness either.

Gay beach massage

Of course gay masseurs are not offering their services on the beach. More so if you wish to enjoy a special massage. Gay beach massages are strictly therapy massages. You won’t go very private in front of all the people!

The beach might be the moment and the place where you start fantasizing. See all those sexy men walking around! Most of them are partnered. They are not looking back at you.

You might doze off. Until an aching erection will remind you of your hunger for sensuality. You need release, but a special one. A nice, strong and satisfying release as the result of a professional erotic massage served by some sexy gay masseurs.

So now it’s time to search the internet on your smartphone and find me. If you search gay massage Barcelona you’ll easily find me.

Here you can check the prices for my different massage options: Naked Massage, Prostate Massage and Relaxing Massage. See the different features and grips included in those and choose the one according to what your fantasies are looking like today!

And of course the same prices for in-call and out-call. I’m not charging transportation fees!

Go on checking my website for more information: and call if you have whatever questions!

Paco: +34 676 648 226

See you after the gay beach in Barcelona!