Gay massage in Spain
First time gay

First time gay

First time gay experiences of any kind are a key date to remember. For many men. It is frequent among curious bisexual men and even straight men: trying out a gay sexual experience is a mixture of fear and fascination.

First time gay experience

To many men this first time is a very fascinating moment. It mixes different feelings. Fear and curiosity. It causes nervousness and unspeakable worries. These men can’t share their thoughts with anybody.

Many men are planning this for a long long time. Sometimes for years. The longer the time the deeper the suffering and the fear. It is like a snow-ball. More and more dangerous while it grows in size. Expectations are also growing.

It is you who has to set a date, a place and a masseur to find out.

And thanks God there is a first time when all seems to be working.

The fear turns into pleasure and serenity after living it up. This is a common feature all curios men tell me after their first gay massage with me.

“Thank you. I felt so natural! Your first hug erased all my nervousness. I feel like I know you for a long time. This has been absolutely wonderful! I’ll be back for sure!”

First time gay sex

Some other men tell me this:

“I had sex with a man for the first time many years ago. I didn’t like it. But I don’t know if it did not work because of that particular guy. Or maybe it was me. I’d like to test it again because I guess I will like it. This time I’d like to test my homo-eroticism with a gay massage”.

Massage has many advantages over sex:

  • Massage is a safe environment for curious men
  • Massage is emotionally safe
  • Massage is STD safe
  • Reciprocity is not forced
  • You can see it as a test
  • No oral sex
  • No penetration
  • This is a professional service

You set the limits and the boundaries when ordering a massage. As you know, in sexual encounters you can’t previously deal what you allow to do your counterpart. Sex is not planned. Many gay men don’t like to feel limited to very specific boundaries.

Casual sex and cruising sex are especially risky in many aspects. Also for health and emotionally.

First time gay massage

“You know this is something I’ve been planning for a long time. Because I can’t see just any random guy. Since I found your website and read it and saw your pictures I know I can trust you. I am certain you must be very careful”.

Most of these men are arabic men. They are living under an unconceivable secrecy. Everything involving man on man intimacy is strictly forbidden by law, both religious laws and civil laws. Prison and torture are just two very light Damocles knives menacing a man’s reputation.

Far from home: first time gay stuff

Men from the United States, Canada, Australia and European countries have a different strategy. Being far from home feels also safe to them. Because there is no witness on their whereabouts.

“After your massage I had a couple days to calm down and ease my sense of guilt. My wife would never understand this. Not to mention approve it!”

It feels safer making a test like this when being away from home for some days.

“This has been a really nice experience. It felt comfortable since you came in. You adapted to my pace. You have been in charge but I really couldn’t notice, it felt natural and spontaneous. I enjoyed you big time!”.

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