Gay massage in Spain

Fetish gay massage

Do you have secret Fetish gay massage fantasies? You can make them all come true with a gay massage in Barcelona with Paco, the most expert fetish masseur.

Meet the most expert specialist in fetish gay massage in Barcelona. Contact me and tell me what your secret dreams are about. I have served many different fetish gay massages and I am open to your most intimate requests.

Fetish gay massage

As we discussed in the previous post about fetish gay massage, it is a wonderful but really unique erotic massage with a strong focus on your unspeakable requests. Each and every man has his own fetishes. Angelo and I can serve a bunch of them. We just need you to tell us.


Fetishes are all these associated with sexually exciting objects and situations. Fetishes are stimulating a very unique and intimate part of our character. To me all of them are legitimate.

Preparing your gay fetish massage

Most of the fetish gay massages need some planning. We might need to search and buy a specific instrument or wardrobe piece. Or a kind of specific object you wish to use during our fetish gay massage session.

It is relevant to plan it ahead of time to succeed in all the details. Please contact me as soon as you know when you are willing to enjoy your fetish gay massages in Barcelona. This way we can have it all prepared for you. We need at least one weekday to shop and have it ready.

Catalog of fetish gay massage

These are just some random examples of fetish gay massage I have served in the last years. Yours could not be listed here, and that’s why I need you to contact me and discuss your personal fantasies and sexual dreams.

Military uniforms

I have some german genetics. You can have me all dressed up in German military uniforms. They really fit me well! Or any other. Just let me know which one.

Going public

Do you like risking public exhibition? Dare to enjoy this adrenaline intense erotic experience with me!

Risky straight provocation

Many men feel excited when practicing risky male on male touching in public places that are supposed to be exclusively straight. The feeling of danger and risk is sexually exciting to many men. Is it to you too?

Public urinals

Do you like risking public exhibition in urinals? Don’t go too far risking being assaulted by criminals in Barcelona nor get caught by security guards. Hire me to protect you when visiting these places.

More gay fetish massages

Did you read my previous post about gay fetish massageStay tuned and read my next post on fetish gay massage coming soon!

We need to speak a bit prior to the session. We both have to be aware of limits and wish-list. A wrong move can damage the fetish gay massage and we both want it to be extremely exciting.

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See you in fetish Barcelona!