Gay massage in Spain
Extra mile massage

Extra mile massage

Extra mile massage is when your masseur is going the extra mile. The attitude to serve you a very special bodywork can be called the Extra mile massage.

But there’s more to Extra mile massage. What does it all involve?

Extra mile massage

Yes I get out of my way to make come true many a special wish. Almost anybody could be a good masseur.

I want to offer you an excellent massage. There’s more to just specific training and expertise. Attitude counts!

Extra mile gay massage

Gay men can sometimes be needy and have very special requests.

Among many others! Yes I can adapt to a very broad range of requests. The kind of requests that other masseurs see as “freaky”. Not me!

I can understand many fetishes. And just when I thought I have served them all a new one comes up!

What is extra mile massage?

And I’m going the extra mile. My goals are always there:

  • Your all in all satisfaction
  • Your sexual satisfaction
  • Your massage satisfaction
  • Being nice —as opposed to arrogant!
  • Listening to your needs
  • Adapting to your personal needs
  • Getting nice reviews
  • Earning international word of mouth

Above all there’s my attitude. Erotic Tantra massage is my calling! I just love massage! And I am able to share the joy of a nice bodywork with you as well.

Gay erotic massage in Barcelona

In all cities of the world you’ll be able to find good masseurs. You probably have some previous experiences. And you know many guys are just doing it for the money. You can’t call them scammers. You can’t call them impostors. But they might not be offering their whole attention to you. Let’s say it differently: all the attention you are expecting from them.

It is relevant thought you tell me or Matt what your special requests are. Please share your expectations with us so we can fulfil them!

Any questions? Do you need some information in more detail? Just call me. Paco: +34 676 648 226

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See you in Barcelona!