Gay massage in Spain
Dick on dick massage

Dick on dick massage

Worship some Dick on dick massage? You can have it in Barcelona now. Just call me and set up a meeting in your hotel room or at my studio —same prices!

Worship some dick on dick action? So this really sexy dick on dick massage? You can have it in Barcelona now. Or in Manhattan if I’m currently visiting. Because it is just as easy as calling me to set up a meeting in your hotel room.

I also have my own gay massage studio —same prices wherever is best for you!

Yes, in-call at my gay massage studio or out-call massage in your won hotel room or private apartment. Besides, I never charge transportation fees inside Barcelona city!

Let’s focus though on this specific massage style now.

Dick on dick massage

You already guessed it! Because the meaning of this special massage grip is as obvious as the name. So, it is about performing a very private massage. Go on reading though!

Fetish dick on dick massage

This is a kinky massage or a fetish massage, so a massage with a category on its own.

To many gay men the fact of rubbing each other dicks is a sexually exciting moment. It can also lead to a too fast climax. Because it provides a very intense sexual stimulation.

This is where my job as a gay Tantra masseur comes in very handy. I know how to use all the tricks and grips to keep you edging. So this way I can and keep you from climaxing too soon. The goal is enjoying a much much longer massage session that will give you an amazing satisfaction.

And after a mind-blowing climax. Maybe your most abundant ejaculation ever!

Sexually stimulating dick on dick massage

The fact of rubbing dick against each other is extremely hot to many men. Gay men, bisexual men and even some straight men have this fantasy and wish to make it come true sometime. Well now you are in Barcelona you are as close as it gets to enjoy it with me.

Dick on dick massage price

This very specific massage menu is included in my Naked Massage therapy. Check the specific price for this category. Please let me know the dick on dick massage is the specific kind of erotic massage you wish to order!

I recently updated my massage menus with a new option. It adds some features I have been requested so frequently. It’s the Tantra Fusion.

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