Après ski massage

Après ski massage

After an intense skiing day or two our calves, legs and shoulders might be calling for some attention. Pain is hard to forget. And a nice après ski massage, also on feet and chest would be realy welcome! WOW yes!

The best and most through massage therapy I can offer you these days in Barcelona is the sensual après ski massage. Yes. Sensual. That means sweet, spicy, intimate and sexy. Wanna dare?

Après ski massage

My massage foundations are those of therapy massage. It is about soothing muscular and articulation pain. Very hand for these après ski times now.

Practicing ski is not a too frequent sport during the year. It is restricted to the winter season and for many people around the world a long trip has to be made to find some snow and some nice locations to visit.

Practicing ski means we will be using muscles we usually don’t use. Intensive use might cause pain. Skiing is fun, time goes by quickly and we loose track of the time we are spending in the snow. The workload for our muscles might be extreme and this is why we Feelings we need a really nice massage. A nice après ski massage!

The ski boots are also some stark kind of boots that may cause injuries on our calves and feet.

Après ski massage
Après ski massage

Well don’t think too much about it. Check my massage menus and call me to find out how we can schedule a snow-melting massage session for you!

Après ski massage in Barcelona

After coming back to Barcelona you might have the chance and the time to schedule a massage with a professional male masseur. Book your après ski massage with me now.

Gay après ski massage

My approach to après ski massage is a spicy one. Some sweet and tender grips for your enjoyment. Some sexy stuff to warm you up a bit more than usual. That feels nice on your body. You’ll have a big time!

We will make your massage to a hot session. Forget all those chilling and frozen places you just have visited and get back to life with a warm treatment.

Sexy après ski massage

During the massage I will not only soothe the aching points you tell me on your body.

I will use some sensual and spicy tricks from Tantra massage to use from man to man. Like body to body massage, something really hot, intimate and blissful. All this will turn your massage into a passionate and sexually exciting experience.

Dare to enjoy such a special après ski massage. You’ll feel totally re-newed, re-fueled… and satisfied.

If you wish to access more information and in more detail you will be very welcome at my professional website www.male-masseur.com.
I will be really happy to talk to you and serve you! Just call and let’s talk! +34 676 648 226