Gay massage in Spain
After massage

After massage

After massage you’ll suddenly feel hungry.

Everybody knows that kneading your body drains the water and produces the feeling of thirst. I will serve you some water, some Coke, some juice or some GinTonics —depending on the massage menu you choose— so you won’t leave thirsty my studio.

After massage

But once you hit the streets you’ll have the urge to have a bite. Fancy something nice, trendy and tasty?

After gay massage

These are some of my favourite places. I am going myself there oftentimes after finishing my job. This does not mean we have to meet there!

After massage in Barcelona

Different styles for different tastes. All of them are lovely but you will discover your own favourites. I deleted the links to their sites because many of these places asked me to. My site has some adult content they wish to keep out of their online strategies. I therefore encourage you to use a search engine —yahoo, bing, etc.

Before dinner

La Nata

Close to my former massage studio at Pau Claris 176 level 3 door 1 Claris. This is a nice and small café with a 3-tabled terrasse on the street corner of the intersection Pau Claris 176 level 3 door 1 Claris and Mallorca.

They offer the delicious Portuguese “pastéis de Belém”. Fresh out the oven! A nice idea for a sweet breakfast and for the time between lunch and dinner. They also serve “empadas” and other Portuguese stuffed little cakes.


Summertime is even better when enjoying the fresh wind coming from the sea. The perfect time for a cocktail. Have it slow, enjoy a nice conversation and forget about the time. Live music? Yes please!

Up Pulitzer

The rooftop of this nice hotel so conveniently placed in the city center —corner of Plaça Catalunya— is a while separate world where you’ll forget the busy Rambla. This rooftop cafeteria has the charm of urban gardens. Candle lit at night, cozy sofas end woven chairs. A place to start a chit-chat with unknown guests. Cocktails are fairly priced, not too expensive. Service is slow and kind. Cosmopolitan mood.



More to follow! Stay tuned!

In the meantime explore

You are welcomed to call me if you have any questions Paco: +34 676 648 226

See you in Barcelona!